Dec 26, 2020

SSDO elected to hold Child Rights Movement Secretariat next


The Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO) is elected unopposed by all member child rights organisations to hold the Child Rights Movement (CRM) Secretariat for 2021.

The CRM is a network of all the NGOs working on the children's rights and their protection said its Executive Director Syed Kausar Abbas while commenting over the victory.

He said the organisation would work in collaboration with all the departments concerned

for the protection of child rights in the country, adding all-out efforts would be made in that regard. The SSDO ED called upon all the governmental and non-governmental organisations including parliamentarians for playing an active role for the purpose.

He underlined the need for taking steps to curb the growing incidents of rape and child abuse. He said the CRM platform would be used at an optimum level to raise voice for child protection. Syed Kausar Abbas extended his gratitude to all the member organizations for entrusting the SSDO with the CRM leadership.