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Consultant - Capacity Building - Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Civic Education, Peace Building & Social Harmony
Status: Closed

Capacity Building of Youth on Life Skills, Critical Thinking, and Civic Education and Religious Leaders on Peace Building & Social Harmony

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) seeks for a qualified national consultant to develop a comprehensive training manual on life skills, critical thinking, and civic education for youth and on Peace and social harmony for religious and community leaders and lead a total 6 trainings. Three trainings (05 days each training) and another three (three days each) for religious and community leaders. The purpose is to capacitate youth on life skills, critical thinking, and civic education. Trainings aimed at equipping students with a professional understanding of social inequalities, prejudice, discrimination, social exclusion and enhancing youth competence, knowledge, and skills on methods, tools, and application of peace, interfaith harmony, social diversity, coherence, and non-violence; preparing action planning in response to promoting peace and non-violence.


SSDO is a research-based non-governmental advocacy organization founded in 2015 and registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 and signed MoU with Economic Affairs Division and Punjab Charity Commission Act 2018. SSDO holds experience of working around Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Child Rights, State of Violence against Women and Children, Counter Violent Extremism and promoting Peace, Good Governance including Transparency, Social Accountability tools such as Right to Information, and Police Reforms, Inclusion of Transgender in Democratic Process, Democratic and Just Governance, Legislative Development and Media.

Terms of References:

The consultant is required to do:

  • The development of a comprehensive training manual (single manual for both, youth and religious leaders) around leadership skills, life skills including critical thinking, communication, facilitation skills and volunteerism. The manual will also cover various concepts such as equality, inclusion, wellbeing, stereotypes, prejudice and structural discrimination, and social exclusion. The notions and approaches to institute peacebuilding, upholding of citizens’ rights, reduce violence, hatred and extremism, prevention of conflict, social exclusion and discrimination under current context.

  • Conduct 6 trainings (3 each for youth and religious leaders).

  • Leading in action planning sessions for finalizing themes of peer advocacy campaigns around related topics and provide feedback on campaign proposals, discuss and support youth and religious leaders for resolving any issues/challenges faced during execution of peer advocacy campaign.

  • Develop the training agenda. The training methodology should include variety of activities including, documentary screenings, reflections, case study analysis, group work/ individual presentations, pair exercises etc.

  • Prepare sessions on methodology and digitize the content wherever it requires.

  • Undertake Pre and Post Training Assessment.

  • Develop training report.

Skills and Competencies:

  • The consultant will be shortlisted based on their CV and short proposal.

  • Must have a strong academic and professional background of in life skills, peace and non-violence equivalent field

  • Must have conducted similar workshops previously in particular workshop organized by national or international organization

  • Should have the experience of working with youth and religious leaders

  • Should demonstrate an effective approach to training and facilitation skills that meets the needs of a diverse group of participants

  • Should have effective report writing skills and fluency in English both written and verbal


The consultancy is for a period of 34 days (10 days for manual development, 24 days for trainings), in months (Jan-March 2022) depending upon academic colander and schedule agreed by SSDO and partners.  Final dates will be conveyed to the selected consultant.


  • A training report should be submitted to SSDO within a week after the training. The report should include the following headings: · Executive summary · Introduction and purpose of the workshop · Approach and methodology · Findings and analysis of participants · Conclusions and recommendations.

  • The report shall be written in English. It shall contain an executive summary including a list of recommendations. Appendices may be added.

How to apply:

Submit CV and short proposal including methodology and budget for this consultancy. The final submission date is January 5, 2021, through email at

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