The Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) is introducing the journalist award in the category of "Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour in Pakistan". The award honours a journalist who produces excellent reports, blogs, news coverage, news packages, features, stories, media clippings, videos, documentaries etc. 

  1. Highlighting the issue of human trafficking and bonded labour; 

  2. Breaking a story or crime related to above mentioned issue;

  3. Following up on the case or story; 

  4. Reporting a case regarding the bitter truth and heinous crime of human trafficking and bonded labour within the society while exhibiting his/ her investigative journalism skills shaping a substantial impact on the society.

Submit your entries (includes, stories, documentaries and news packages) by filling up a form by clicking the button below.


  1. Each journalist is allowed to submit the form only once.

  2. Make sure you provide all the links to your work regarding “human trafficking and bonded labor in Pakistan” in the same form. (Multiple links can be added in the form).

  3. The decision will depend on the nature and number of works shared by the journalists.

  4. The winner will be invited for the international conference to be organized by SSDO in Islamabad in December 2022 where they will be presented with the award, and they will have to present their work in front of all national and international experts on trafficking in persons.

  5. Deadline to submit your entries is 15th November 2022.