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12 May 2022

حراسیت کیخلاف قانون سازی کے باوجود اطمینان بخش صورت حال پیدا نہیں ہو سکی، راہنماؤں کی پریس کانفرنس

12 May 2022

Civil society calls for increase in budget allocation to ensure minimum wages

12 May 2022

‘Only 25pc women with degrees in Pakistan are part of labour force’

31 Mar 2022

Cyclothon promotes labour rights of working women - The News

1 Feb 2022

The Great Alliance - The News
By Lubna Jerar Naqvi

29 Jan 2022

MoU between A-FIVE Football Academy and SSDO Pakistan on Program 'SHAHLYLA' - Khel sab kay liye!

29 Jan 2022

Facilitation of interactive session of District Women Peace Forum Multan with Women’s Peace Council Punjab.

26 Jan 2022

Meeting with the senior drug inspector under stakeholder activity cycle for SMFCSP initiative

25 Jan 2022

Bi-weekly planning and review meeting with women workers' alliance members

19 Jan 2022

Registration of CNICs in Kalar Sayidan

17 Jan 2022

Planning and review meeting for the EWAM project

17 Jan 2022

Round table meeting with a group of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce

14 Jan 2022

Demand from the government to develop and approve rules of business for the National Commission on Rights of the Child (NRC) Act 2017.

7 Jan 2022

SSDO Wins Annual Election To Hold The National Secretariat CRM

5 Jan 2022

MoU Between Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) & Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO).

3 Jan 2022

Virtual Training of Khairpur Police on Combatting Human Trafficking in Pakistan

1 Jan 2022

SSDO has helped establish several working groups comprising officials from different key departments to be tackle issues of human trafficking

29 Dec 2021

Bi-weekly planning and review meeting with women workers' alliance members

29 Dec 2021

Launch of 05 District Level Stakeholder Working Groups on Countering Human Trafficking & Bonded Labour in Punjab

28 Dec 2021

District Level Training Workshop for Journalists on Women's Enjoyment of Rights, Empowerment & Leadership