Media Updates

28 Sep 2022

RTI Act necessary to ensure rule of law: Governor Punjab

14 Sep 2022

Violence against women, children increased in August: report

12 Aug 2022

SSDO Launches Rickshaw Campaign To Create Awareness About Human Trafficking And Forced Labor

11 Aug 2022

108 children, 85 women raped in July: report

1 Aug 2022

Violence against women rampant in Pakistan

30 Jul 2022

SSDO bids to counter Human Trafficking

29 Jul 2022

SSDO sets up “stakeholder’s network” to prevent human trafficking

29 Jul 2022

SSDO Organises Seminar On World Day Against Trafficking In Persons 2022

26 Jul 2022

Poverty termed major reason behind human trafficking

26 Jul 2022

Poverty main reason behind human trafficking: Javed

24 Jul 2022

Kinnaird College launches Women’s Safety Wall

21 Jul 2022

Pakistan makes improvement in combating human trafficking: US report

21 Jul 2022

پاکستان کی انسانی سوداگری سے نمٹنے کی صلاحیت میں نمایاں بہتری آئی ،عالمی فہرست میں دوسرے درجے پرآ گیا ہے، امریکی محکمہ خارجہ کی رپورٹ

15 Jul 2022

Helpline launched for victims of human trafficking, bonded labour

14 Jul 2022

157 women kidnapped, 91 raped in June: report

3 Jul 2022

Call for creating safe conditions for working women

27 Jun 2022

Keep knocking… and the doors will open

27 Jun 2022

Workers gather to advocate conducive working environment for women

25 Jun 2022

Youth pledge to promote tobacco-free Pakistan

20 Jun 2022

Recruiting agencies accused of Trafficking and Smuggling of Humans