3 Jul 2022

Call for creating safe conditions for working women


Speakers have called for creating safe and conducive environment for working women at all levels.

The speakers including lawmakers shared a platform to discuss women's rights and challenges that they regularly face at their workplace.

For this purpose, the Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO) in collaboration with the Women Workers Alliance (WWA) held a district convention to demand improved working conditions for labourers including working women and domestic workers.

Federal Minister for Board of Investment and Special Initiatives Chaudhary Salik Hussain, who was the chief guest, said that the Board of Investment will now work closely with the women's chamber of commerce and help with direct foreign funding to women-led initiatives. He added that to make the country's female population feel safer, we must all work together.

Senator Seemi Ezdi said that lawmakers put a lot of effort to empower women. She said that women are given a five per cent quota on general seats by almost all political parties. She said that during the elections if the turnout of a polling station remains less than 10 per cent, the result of that particular polling station is declared null and void by the election commission. She also spoke about the toll being faced by labourer women and domestic workers.

Senator Fawzia Arshad emphasised that women from all walks of life have the potential to thrive and potential to empower themselves and succeed in life. She asked all the women to build their strength so they could speak up about the challenges they face in everyday life.

Former senator Farhatullah Babar urged lawmakers to create a safe environment in parliament for women legislators which will eventually translate into safer working conditions for women in the country. He praised the tireless efforts made by women over the years to advance their rights. He hailed the dedication of female legislators and spoke that every political party has produced outstanding female leaders.

Journalist Myra Imran said that she found women journalists to be more determined and hard-working as compared to male counterparts. She said that they often cover women-specific issues such as domestic violence, health and women empowerment. She also said that the National Press Club Islamabad now has a dedicated room for women journalists.

Fatima Jinnah Women University Gender Studies Department head Dr Shahla Tabassum stressed the need for not only a favourable working environment for women but also a conducive educational environment for women. She said that the FJWU was the first-ever university to remove the age limit for students so that women could pursue further education.

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