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12 Aug 2022

SSDO Launches Rickshaw Campaign To Create Awareness About Human Trafficking And Forced Labor

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Aug, 2022 ) :Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) here on Friday launched a rickshaw drive to curb human trafficking and create awareness about Trafficking in Persons Act, 2018.

The banners designed for this campaign were placed behind the rickshaws to convey the message to as many people as possible.

The rickshaw campaign began with a briefing session with the rickshaw drivers and they were briefed on the issue of human trafficking and its potential victims.

They were informed to be aware of any unusual or suspicious activity in their surroundings or any suspicious or coercive passengers riding with them to any unusual destination.

Since rickshaws are accessible even to remote areas and transport passengers to their destinations with privacy, such activities often go unnoticed.

Additionally, the banner highlights the helpline "0333-1110566" launched by SSDO which serves as an important point of contact for the victims of human trafficking and forced labor.

It is an important step to combat this problem at the country level and also a source of information for all stakeholders including the general public.

The helpline would provide a platform to potential victims, especially those communities that have a high incidence of human trafficking, both in brick kilns and forced laborers working on agricultural farms in Pakistan, and human trafficking for other purposes.

The campaign was also linked with World Youth Day and young students from various universities volunteered to participate in the activity to promote the awareness campaign.

This would strengthen the campaign to spread the message among the youth who are the most vulnerable to human trafficking as they are lured into this danger with the offer of a great career.

On this occasion, SSDO, Executive Director, Syed Kausar Abbas said that through this rickshaw campaign, our aim is to spread awareness among the masses.

Every passenger who uses rickshaws and others who see these rickshaws would get a message on how to protect themselves and others from the heinous crime of human trafficking, he said and informed that SSDO had also launched a similar rickshaw drive in Multan last month.

On this occasion, SSDO also organized a symbolic awareness walk against human trafficking and forced labor in which people belonging to different sections of the society, especially the youth, participated in large numbers.

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