Internship – The Gateway to your Career

Updated: Apr 18

Aqsa Shehzadi (Intern at SSDO)

Internships are that part of your career from where opportunities arise. It has become so common for fresh graduates to do internships, mostly because every now and then an organization posts an advertisement regarding internship. However, the problem here is that most fresh graduates tend to apply for any internship, when in reality they should be double checking whether the internship advertised would actually help them learn regarding their field.

Due to the fluctuating job market globally, most fresh graduates resort to option for a job rather than working as an internee. One of the main reasons behind this is because they want to start earning right away – and that’s understandable, considering the impact of this pandemic in the global economy. However, they cannot throw away the importance of internship. By pursuing internship before starting your career, students get to know the basics of their concerned industry as well as they learn how to carry around with the operations. Therefore, it is imperative for one to research about the internship opportunity being offered to them. Some of the key things an applicant should consider can be whether they want to pursue their career in the same industry where the internship is being offered, and whether the organization that’s offering the internship will provide any job offer in the future to that applicant.

Internships aren’t only limited to corporate roles. As a matter of fact, there are some non-governmental organizations that also offer fresh graduates with the opportunity to work as a parliamentary intern. We can take an example of organizations such as Sustainable Social Development Organization. Organizations like SSDO provide hands-on experience to the internees of how it’s like working as an employee of a non-governmental organization. This way, the internees get to understand the know-hows of working in a parliament. Whereas, in return, parliamentarians get an additional hand in getting facilitated.

This shows how vital it is for fresh graduates to do an internship before kicking off their career in their respective fields. There are quite a few benefits of doing internship; such as an intern is able to get a platform, where he/she can set up his/her networking connections. This is one of the most important things one should do while carrying out their internship. One shouldn’t just carry out their duties assigned to them as an intern, in fact, it would be in their best interest to start networking right away within the organization. By doing so, they will be able to create a reputation and raise awareness to the senior employees regarding the intern’s capabilities. As a result, the intern’s chances of getting a job offer within that organization would increase.

One of the benefits of internship is that even if you start your internship in any specific field, you will be able to know more about it – the good and the bad. Now considering the short time frame of internships, that time would be sufficient for the intern to evaluate and decide whether they should start their career in that particular field. In an event the intern seems that they wouldn’t be able to fit in that industry, they can simply start internship in another field where they believe they can excel. In other words, you will be able to learn what job fits your personality. Moreover, an intern would be able to identify the area where they need to work on in order to overcome their weaknesses, while simultaneously enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Speaking of skills, internships also help young learners realize that they don’t only need technical skills. As a matter of fact, one important non-technical skill that an intern would